Grant Thornton

Melbourne, Victoria

Building Area

Continuing a relationship forged over the last decade, Geyer worked with Grant Thornton to design the company’s new offices at Two Melbourne Quarter. The project was the latest iteration in Geyer’s national engagement to transform Grant Thornton’s offices by incorporating their values of collaboration, knowledge sharing and learning into the design.

The design at Two Melbourne Quarter provides an engaging, relaxed workplace that includes a mix of spaces to share with clients and visitors, ranging from multi-functional, flexible event spaces, to a mix of meeting room amenities, small personal conversation settings and an outdoor barbeque and coffee garden.

" A compelling, beautiful new environment for Grant Thornton ‘to enable and demonstrate that our people and our clients are at the heart of everything we do’; people centric, agile, flexible, tech enabled, social, inclusive, and professional. "

Project Vision

Shannon McGrath

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