Founded in 1968 and with more than 50 stores, CUE is synonymous with Australian fashion. To herald its brand repositioning strategy, CUE briefed GEYER to reimagine its Melbourne in-store experience and breathe new life into its fashion legacy.

The design needed to provide an immersive CUE brand experience, considering external factors such as the position of the premises and the original architectural form, while internally showcasing garments — the fabric, cut and detailing that each piece deserves — and providing both visitors and staff with the more functional requirements of a retail space. From an aesthetic perspective, green tones were identified as a specific as part of the brief, with softer, curved forms to be integrated where possible.

Inspired by the European fashion experience, we re-zoned the floorplan to create more of a flow and reduce feelings of congestion. The entryway offers greater freedom of movement and space to peruse the range of garments on offer while within the store, all pieces are intentionally well spaced, eliminating any sense of being overwhelmed. Customised joinery completes the experience by employing a mix of curves and straight lines in rich materials including metal, cement, and resins.

An immersive fitting room experience was designed to provide more space and nurture a sense of comfort and familiarity. This area was layered with effective lighting, custom-made mirrors and stools, with soft, ocean-inspired rugs and a casual lounge area added to complete the look.

The colour palette and materiality we proposed are new to the CUE store aesthetic and were chosen to create a balance of opulence and aspiration, while building a feeling of calm through simple lines and neutral tones.

The outcome is a fashion-forward, aspirational experience that truly brings the new CUE brand strategy to life and further differentiates it in a crowded retail landscape.

Our design solution was subsequently briefed to our sister company Valmont for construction and fitout, and together we have designed and delivered an impeccable new look, and retail experience for CUE.

Photography : Nicole England

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