University of Sydney

Geyer worked with the University of Sydney to facilitate the relocation of the ACFR into a highly functional laboratory facility within the university. The facility presents to industry, business, military, government and other VIP visitors, conveying the AFCR’s quality capability, purpose, efficiency and professionalism.

The design includes mechanical and electronics workshops, a heavy-duty testing floor, breakout workpoints, lab spaces (including fume cupboards and chemical stores) and ancillary research and support spaces.

Geyer engaged with field robotics scientists and engineers to understand and design to their needs – which included working both within the facility, and remotely when activating robotics connected with off-site research partners – to ensure human factors were intrinsic to the design.

By analysing robotics requirements and the flow of materials, Geyer was able to ensure spaces and supporting equipment were provided, including mapping of circulation and operational requirements for forklifts, cranes and other heavy-duty equipment.

Advanced Centre for Field Robotics
Building Area