Telstra Stores

Geyer designed Telstra’s Melbourne Discovery store, and their Sydney Icon store, in carefully-choreographed customer experiences achieving their objective to create a new, world-class concept where customers and staff can experience a ‘Brilliant Connected Future’ and ‘Improve the way our people live and work’.

By facilitating bespoke design methodologies through deep collaboration and ideation with Telstra, Geyer instigated significant changes that inspired deep improvements with technology and the physical environment bringing customers, staff and Telstra’s products and services seamlessly together.

The design integrates evolving technologies into every customer’s interface and bridges the previous divide between physical and online interactions using a behaviour-centred design approach.

The concepts of ‘connectivity’ and ‘discovery’ are secured through spatial volumes, component design and communications integration that curate technology-laced stories.

Melbourne & Sydney
Building Area

Melbourne: 1,400m²
Sydney: 480m²